What is the Difference in "Advanced by Batter" or "On the Throw" (resolved - RBI difference)

If you have any rules related questions, please ask in this forum. In general, enforcement of rules is up to the Umpire of the game and iScore does not specifically enforce them, but we want to make sure we score within them. Ask here, and experts can chime in.
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What is the Difference in "Advanced by Batter" or "On the Throw" (resolved - RBI difference)

Post by WarrenBof » Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:35 pm

This has probably been answered previously in the forum, but I couldn't find it.

Consider two situations. First, with a runner on 2nd, batter hits a fly that lands safely for a single, the runner goes to 3rd. In iScore, place the runner on 3rd and mark it as "advanced by the batter."

Next, the batter hits a fly ball that is caught by the right fielder. The runner on 2nd tags up and advances to 3rd on the throw. It's obvious that he wouldn't have gotten there if it had not been for the batter, so do I score it as "advanced by the batter," or "on the throw?"

And, is there any difference in the statistics generated by the different ways of recording the second example, i.e. if the runner had been on 3rd and scored, does the batter get an RBI in either case - I know that would be a sacrifice fly, but let's ignore that for the moment.
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Re: Advanced by Battor or On the Throw

Post by OhioTex » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:38 pm

generally speaking, use what makes most sense to you when describing the play as it happened.

that said, under the covers, you can influence RBI credits with the two buttons:
  • * Advance by batter, triggers an RBI when safe at home

    * Advance on throw, does not trigger RBI when safe at home
P.S> if needed , you can also edit post game from one to the other
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