batter walked on ball 4 runner on 2nd caught stealing. (discussion)

If you have any rules related questions, please ask in this forum. In general, enforcement of rules is up to the Umpire of the game and iScore does not specifically enforce them, but we want to make sure we score within them. Ask here, and experts can chime in.
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batter walked on ball 4 runner on 2nd caught stealing. (discussion)

Post by GLMSAS11 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:58 am

I think i know the answer to this but couldn't find anything in Google about this.
Iscore probably had it right.

So 2 outs and runner on 2nd, 3-2 count and pitcher throws ball 4, runner on 2nd is thrown out 2-5 for 3rd out.

Next inning, the batter that walked the inning before came up to bat 1st. Iscore had the next batter in the batting order as the 1st batter, but i didn't catch it until the 2nd batter came up and the player numbers were off. Too late to notify the umpires. I'm not sure if the other coaches were trying to pull something of the player decided to come back up.

the batter completed his at bat the inning before with a walk and should not, in my and Iscores opinion been able to re-bat the next inning.
Right? can anyone point me to that in the NCAA rules or decisions?

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Re: batter walked on ball 4 runner on 2nd caught stealing.

Post by OhioTex » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:24 am

Assuming you had the correct count, then you are right. the batter who walked should not have come back to lead off the next inning, getting 4 balls constitutes a complete turn at bat. From what you described, seems you had a batting out of order situation.

you won't find an exact scenario like yours to cite in the rule book (NCAA or MLB) ..sorry. Maybe one buried in a case book, but I do not have a singular 'rule' to cite for you on this. the rule book of course does describe the parts: base on balls, caught stealing, turns at bat, and batting out of order and in totality is very clear - if batter Walked and then the tag out 2-5, the batter should not have batted again in next inning.

I assume the batter and team just got confused - it happens.. I suppose an uninformed person, could try and argue the batter never made it to first, so he gets to bat again.. but that would be wrong. Batter becomes a baserunner, "Instantly after four balls have been called by the umpire", (NCAA Rule 8, section 2, b). So the 2-5 3rd out was made after batter completed his turn at bat. Now, if somehow you had the count wrong, and it was actually only a third ball, then sure the 2-5 put out would end the inning and the batter would lead off at bat the next inning. but again, based on your description, sounds more like a mistake by batting team and an out of order situation.

batting out of order has convoluted rules for appeal and correct scoring, (NCAA batting Rule 7 section 11, and Scoring Rule 10 section 3, ) Basically, if you appeal it while the wrong batter is batting, the team can put in correct player, inherit count and continue with no penalty. but If you appeal, after wrong batter completed his at bat and before the next batter takes a pitch,-- then when proven on appeal, umpire calls the wrong bater out, puts back any runners who advanced, puts correct next batter up to bat. but If you do nothing, the wrong batter action stands and becomes the new official order. (if need more on this, post back, but it is the same in MLB and NCAA and NFHS)

if the wrong batter's at bat is allowed to stand, you can force correction in iscore either in game or after.
While scoring in game, you can adjust who is actually batting using a couple MISC Functions ( Misc > Adjust Score > Adjust Batter and Misc > Skip Batter > out / not out if needed ) (this is easier than substitutions) . Post game, you correct in the pitch by pitch / Edit game function making batting substitutions at the right spots to make sure the person who actually batted gets credited in iscore, stats and scorecard.

hope this helps
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Re: batter walked on ball 4 runner on 2nd caught stealing.

Post by Tacho47 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:33 pm

After you scored the play, had the batter been credited with an BB that plate appearance?

If not, i would suggest, the count was 2-2 instead of 3-2 OR you maybe didn't tap "Ball" but instead you first tapped the runner on 2nd Base to be "CS 2-5". THEN the time at bat had ended for the batter while in count and that will bring him up first to bat the next inning.
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