Fastpitch Scoring winning pitcher.

If you have any rules related questions, please ask in this forum. In general, enforcement of rules is up to the Umpire of the game and iScore does not specifically enforce them, but we want to make sure we score within them. Ask here, and experts can chime in.
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Fastpitch Scoring winning pitcher.

Post by CoachNCP7 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:50 am

My starting pitcher pitched 2 complete innings and I sat her due to soreness. When she was pulled, we had a 3-1 lead. My relief pitcher came in and pitched 5 innings and we ended up winning 8-2.
I know In baseball, 5 innings is needed from a starting pitcher in a 9-inning game to get a decision. What about softball?

Thanks ahead of time!
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Re: Fastpitch Scoring winning pitcher.

Post by OhioTex » Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:22 am

good question..

the short answer = "Reliever gets the Win".

the longer answer is "it depends on your league rules".
But most likely the Reliever gets the Win. Not the starter who only went 2 innings.

The Win/Loss Save/hold Statistic criteria is an arbitrary rule set by your governing body, and one of the big reasons iscore does not calculate it for you. Yes MLB has it's rules, but in fast pitch with different innings played and ability of pitcher to ReEnter, different rules. (see appropriate league rule book.. NPF, NCAA, NFHS, ASA, PGF, NSA, Little League, etc )

I have a thread on this forum for governing rule books.. If you want to research further....

Although it depends on what rules you follow, a quick research says 2 innings for a starter is likely too few,
* NPF (pro) ... starter needs to pitch at least 5 innings
* NCAA (college)... starters needs to pitch at least 4 innings regulation game (3 if official 5 inning game)
* NFHS (high school) ... starter needs to pitch "at least half the innings of a game"
( "Half" is interesting for High school, since 7 inning game, assume 3 & 2/3 qualifies. )
(note: For Fast pitch, NPF, NCAA, and NFHS, regular length games are all 7 innings)

(FYI - side note for Baseball: MLB starters need 5 of 9 innings, NCAA 5 of 9 innings (4 if 7 inning), and High school is 4 of 7 innings)

Like MLB, each governing body has more specific details for how to handle shorten games, and other variations including when to credit a reliever with a win, hold or save.

Although not asked, sounds like the reliever had an effective quality outing, never surrendered the lead and would qualify for the win.

I really liked this question. Thanks
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