Reference: "Rule Book" Links for Baseball and Softball (FAQ)

If you have any rules related questions, please ask in this forum. In general, enforcement of rules is up to the Umpire of the game and iScore does not specifically enforce them, but we want to make sure we score within them. Ask here, and experts can chime in.
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Reference: "Rule Book" Links for Baseball and Softball (FAQ)

Post by OhioTex » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:02 am

For Reference: Some Links to Official Rule Books for Softball and Baseball: Feel Free to Post Additions to list ...
(note: this is a working list that I periodically update / OhioTex )

MLB - "Official Rules of Baseball (aka ORB)"
2017 - ... t69t59.pdf

2016 - ... _rules.pdf
Note: ORB Scoring Rules are now in Section 9 (Prior to 2015, Section 10 )

MLB - "Profesional Umpire Manual (aka PBUC)"
2012 ... FTSDg/edit

NCAA - Baseball ... s/BA18.pdf

NCAA - Softball ... s/SR17.pdf

NFCA -Softball - "Beyond the Basics of Scoring Fastpitch Softball" - 1999, Jeri Findlay.
(although a bit dated, it has stood the test of time and is a great training resource for new fastpitch scorekeepers). ... coring.pdf

NFHS - baseball and softball
you can now download PDF version of NFHS rule books but not Free (approx $6 / book) ... s-e-books/

NFHS - Differences in baseball and softball (2016 per NFHS) ... rences.pdf

Little League Baseball and Softball


USA/NFHS/NCAA variations (per USA 2017) ... rences.pdf

ASA/NFHS/NCAA variations (per ASA 2016) ... rences.pdf

USSA/ASA/NFHS differences ( 2013) ... 202013.pdf

(Soap box: Huge membership, covers both fast pitch and slow pitch softball and various levels from Team USA to travel, church, adult etc. but they do not make their playing rules and stat rules easily available for free. Instead they charge a premium (~15$ for APP download. )
Android App: ... 2016&hl=en
Apple App ... 24481?mt=8

PGF Softball
<<uses NFHS rule Book> ... out=926495

USSSA Fastpitch Softball ... leBook.pdf

NSA Softball

NPF Professional Softball
<< uses NCAA >> ... s-2016.pdf ... istics.pdf

2 umpire mechanics ... Umpire.pdf


Official Baseball Rules (OBR 2016 - Spanish) - Free PDF download. ... panish.pdf

National Assoc. of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) 2016-17 Baseball Manual. - Free PDF download. ... M_ID=27900

National Club Baseball Association (NCBA): 2016 Division I Rules & Regulations. - Free PDF download. ... LIGHTS.pdf
Collegiate club baseball.

Little League Online.
Little League rulebooks are only available for purchase: 2017 Little League rulebooks.

American Legion Baseball 2017 Rule Book - Free PDF download. ... -rule-book

Pony Baseball (Mustang, Pony, Bronco, Palomino). - Free PDF download.
PDF versions also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Babe Ruth (Cap Ripken). Print and e Book versions available for purchase only ($6.00).

USSSA Baseball: Official Baseball Rules & Bylaws. - Free PDF download. ... lebook.pdf

Dizzy Dean Baseball & Softball 2016 Rule books - Free PDF download.


Repost below from another thread, viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11799
Some google research on notable European baseball leagues and their rules sets. Most seem to use MLB ORB as their base, some even verbatim and some with variations buried in translation, but for the most part ORB based.
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