iScore Basketball v2.92 submitted to Apple

We will announce new product updates here along with what features are being included in the updates.
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iScore Basketball v2.92 submitted to Apple

Post by FTMSupport » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:17 pm

Version 2.92 of iScore Basketball has been submitted to Apple with the following updates:

✔ Made "Auto Team Turnover" setting an option for Coach Mode --- automatically assigns turnover to opposing team when a Steal is entered

✔ Recalc for a game now removes players from stats that have been removed from the lineup

✔ Recalc no longer includes games that have been scheduled but not yet played

✔ Team Stats now sorts by Jersey Number

✔ Player Card games now sort in reverse date order (newest game first)

✔ Minor bug fixes
Check out the new iScore Baseball documentation page!
Includes videos and user manual.
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