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If you are having an issue with iScore Basketball, please post it here and we will try and find solutions so everybody will be aware of them.
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Bug Reports

Post by mbartschi » Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:50 am

Hi there, I'm a long-time user of iScore Baseball, Football, and Basketball (and I'm working on learning Soccer and Lacrosse), and I haven't been on these boards in quite a while. I love the product overall, and I use it regularly for tournaments and regular season games that my school hosts. One of the most tedious things about managing my ever-growing database is the task when we play a team for the first time each year, and within the 15-minute warm-up period, I have to:
  • Set athletes that have graduated or left the opponent's team since last season to "Inactive".
  • Update athletes that are still on the team to include this year's "league" so that season stats add up correctly. (The iScore Baseball app has a handy feature that lets you do this to all active athletes on a team at once when you add the league to the team itself, but this feature seems to have never made it to Basketball.)
  • Add any new athletes that weren't on the team last year while trying my best to avoid duplicating an athlete that transferred from another school.
So that's why I'm really passionate about roster management - the more years you use the app and build historical data, the bigger of a monster it becomes. Using the admin website makes bulk edits easier, especially when setting up 44 teams for a tournament, but the bugs make it a lot less efficient than it could be. Anyway, I haven't seen any major updates since the acquisition by NBC/Universal SportsEngine, so I thought I'd re-raise a small handful of bugs that have been a nuisance for me for the past several years:
App Bugs - In-Game
  • Marking a rebound as "out of bounds" should stop the clock if Auto Clock Management is enabled.
  • When selecting a missed field goal the Rebound shortcut button (Skip/Shooter/Blocker) should default to Skip. But if the most recent missed shot action was Out of Bounds (which would have changed it to Shooter if there was no block or Blocker if there was), it remains in that mode. This can be worked around by switching the Rebound mode to any other option (e.g. Out of Bounds) and then changing it back to Rebound.
  • If the clock hits zero and additional actions are entered, they will reset the clock to the time of the last action without recording a Clock Adjustment.
  • Adjusting the clock after it hits zero does not display on the screen until a subsequent action is recorded, although it does seem to still take effect.
App Bugs - Roster Management
  • Position cannot be selected when first adding a player to a roster. You must add the player first, then return to edit the player.
  • When editing a player, entering the League Selection sub-menu causes any pending changes to be lost.
  • When opening the position selection menu, the app seems to determine existing selections by doing a "string contains" search. So if the existing selection was "PG" for Point Guard, it selects both "Point Guard" and "Guard" because "G" is contained in "PG".
  • The "Discover Team" feature no longer works with MaxPreps. It will correctly find teams that exist, but it will not find any athletes on them even if they are there.
Admin Website Bugs
  • When creating a new team, Short Name, Coach 1, Coach 2, Coach 3, and Team Color don't save. The only way to put data in those fields is to save, go back and edit, and save again.
  • Can't set Active/Inactive status or reorder players when editing roster via the Admin Website.
  • When adding athletes on the Admin Website to a roster that already exists and has players, the new players get scrambled into the existing order, and the positions (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C) of the new players seem to get combined with the positions of whatever player was in that slot before, which requires me to go back and clean it up in the app after bulk importing players on the website.
  • Adding multiple positions to a player in the Admin Website delimits them with a space, but adding multiple positions to a player in the app delimits them with a comma, resulting in inconsistency.
  • The "Add Multiple" roster import function does not recognize SG for Shooting Guard.
  • Some fields that are present on the website are not present in the app: Team - Coach 1, Coach 2, Coach 3; Player - Reach
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Re: Bug Reports

Post by FTMSupport » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:47 am

Thank you for the suggestions - this is a great summary in one place and we will have our developers take a look.
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