Hide Clock only on External Display (future.feature.request)

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Re: Hide Clock only on External Display

Post by mbartschi » Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:58 am

OhioTex wrote:I assume you already have an audio broadcast - do you? if so what product do you use? ( our high school uses "mixlr", reasonably affordable and user friendly enough) - "livestream" has been discussed for video but not gone there yet for multiple reasons). for the user, they can have the iscorecast visible in a active browser and the audio feed in the background on mixer. Of course there is time sync lag as they are not integrated.
We are just getting started with that since our school finally added stable Wi-Fi across the campus this year, so I have been doing some "experimental" audio webcasts. One issue I'm running into is that the school district has an exclusivity agreement for video broadcasting with the local cable company, so I am prohibited from streaming live video. So instead, I've been doing something similar to what you suggested which is to use a live screen grab of the iScore Scorecast as the video and my voice as the audio. As you mentioned, they don't sync quite perfectly, but it's better than nothing, and for those in the car, they can just listen. For those who do have a screen, it saves them from loading the scorecast in one window and the audio feed in a different one, although they lose the interactivity. I still offer a plain scorecast link for that reason.

The simplest and most obvious choice for RTMP streaming is Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder, which is free, but I have not been able to get it to play nicely with my video card. I also tried Telestream WireCast, which I absolutely adore, but it is frankly overkill for what I am currently able to do with it, and with a starting price of $450 even after discount, I can't justify buying it. I am looking into vMix, which is promising. The free version may do just enough to get me by.

As for where I send it, I'm really liking The Cube. Your users have to sit through a 30-second ad before the stream starts, but other than that, it's free. (They do have paid options if you want to get rid of the ads and/or make your archived streams permanently available instead of just 30 days.) But any RTMP software can just as easily broadcast to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or any number of other destinations.

Like I said, I'm still in the exploratory phase here...unfortunately there's not a great way to discreetly test these options in any kind of realistic way without just trying it on a real live event. Hopefully before long this will all be second nature.
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