Shooting percentage for different zones on the court

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Shooting percentage for different zones on the court

Post by sammcneill » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:55 pm


I've been using a different stats package to record our games, but I've just bought iScore for two main reasons:

- scorecast (when we travel to away games, this should allow parents/supports to keep updated
- better tracking of opposition shooting percentages

I have two questions to ask:

1) A really valuable report on the "player card" equivalent in the old stats package showed different shooting zones: in the key, 2 pointers outside the key, 3 pointers, and base line 3 pointers. This is incredibly valuable in helping identify shot selection by players. Can I do the equivalent anywhere in iScore?

2) Recording stats: game mode vs coach mode. I really like the quick entry of shots made/missed in the Coach mode and would love to be able to enter this for the "opposition" team in game mode. can this be achieved? If I'm only taking stats for a game (and not coaching) is it recommended to use the game mode? I note that if I don't have opposition team members loaded I can't use Game Mode as it won't let me select who got a stat for example (I overcame this by using "quick roster" to populate the opposition team).

Thanks for the answers and help in advance,

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